hand & nail care

ibx repair under shellac

For all shellac lovers, IBX protects and prevents your nails from becoming dehydrated. IBX stops cracking and white spots on the nails bed so you get the double action of protection and flawless polish!

ibx treatment manicure

Using the innovative IBX Repair and Protect Strengthening Treament alongside Neals Yard products, this manicure will fight to rebuild weak and damaged nails, combating dryness, flaking and splitting nail beds. This manicure incorporates – cuticle work, file, buff, hand cream, IBX treatment, followed by Vinylux professional polish and solar oil.

shellac application

A mix between traditional nail polish & gel that dries instantly leaving a mirror finish. Stays on for 14 days without chipping or smudging, preventing your natural nails from breaking to allow them to grow.


Love having my nails done with Fran at The Little Beauty Salon. Went to Fran as my nails just did not grow. She has done wonders and they are now a lovely length and strong.
Lisa Blackburn